What Is Stainless Steel Fabrication Applications?

stainless steel fabrication

To give some ideas of the breadth of industries where stainless steel fabrication is an indispensable tool, let’s take a look at the applications of stainless steel fabrication in everyday life:

1. Automobile bodies: Automobiles may contain plenty of materials, but their skeleton and skin are completely reliant on metal. A car’s chassis is metal, typically steel or aluminum, as are most of its exterior panels, suspension rigging, and frame. Without metal, a car would not have the structural integrity to handle bumps on the road or heavy cargo.

2. Automobile engines: Automobile engines consist of tightly machined parts that interlock to form a functioning whole. Metal fabrication techniques make everything from the long, snaking pipes of the exhaust system to the crankshaft and pistons. Other components include the crankcase, oil pump, spark plugs, fuel injection system, chain, throttle and gudgeon pin. Bolts and rivets hold most of these components together, which also rely on stainless steel fabrication.

3. Tools and hardware: Our homes, automobiles, appliances and everyday conveniences would not exist as we know them without metal fabrication. That is thanks to the fact that the majority of our tools and hardware get produced by machines. Hammers, air compressors, nail guns, drill bits, grinders, and saws are all the result of stainless steel fabrication. Of equal importance are the pieces of hardware they are responsible for installing, such as nails, screws, bolts and tension rods.

4. Smartphone and laptop shells: The computers and phones we have come to know and love are the results of metal fabrication. Particularly with the popularization of simple, sophisticated products that have served to tame the growing complexity of user interfaces, a phone or laptop’s case can, in many ways, define it as a product. For instance, what would the iconic iPhone be without its smooth backing of anodized aluminum and stainless steel?

5. Kitchen hardware: Look around your kitchen, and you will soon realize all the tiny, fabricated parts that make it functional. There are metal handles on the cabinets and drawers. Hinges and drawer slides make the cabinets open and close easily. Faucets and entire sinks are made from low-maintenance stainless steel. Toaster ovens, tea kettles, stove grills, vent fans, refrigerators and trash cans — metal fabrication makes all these things possible.

6. Gadgets and electronics: Electronics rely on metal fabrication for more than just their shells. Fabrication is responsible for creating wires of different sizes and materials, as well as piping and internal architectures that allow for the placement of circuit boards and components. Cooling fans and parts like potentiometers are also often made with stainless steel fabrication.

7. Aerospace: One growing sector of the industry is aerospace, whose components and craft must follow tight tolerances and uncompromised integrity. These parts must withstand sustained use, extreme temperatures, pressure fluctuations and chemical exposure — the perfect job for metal. Metal fabrication jobs for aerospace range from large, industrial plants to smaller operations specializing in a specific part or component.

8. Medical: The medical industry and the stainless steel fabrication industry are inextricably connected. From hospital beds to surgical tools, and from ventilation systems to lifesaving defibrillating devices, metal fabrication has helped build the medical industry. Metal is also advantageous to this industry because it provides an easily sterilized material that does not trap bacteria, moisture or germs.